Diamond painting et Broderie Diamant

Utiliser pour se détendre, la pratique du diamond painting est un art Do It Yourself qui vous permet de réaliser de superbe toiles scintillantes

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sexy men in jeans1. From the inability to let go of the past

2. From the constant worry about the future

3. From not being polite and never saying “thank you”

4. From being a selfish whore and making it all about you.

5. From not appreciating when they try to help

6. From not understanding kindness

7. From the “it’s my way or the highway mentality”

8. From holding onto your deal-breaker list like it was your life support.

9. From not putting in 10% more than you’re putting in now.

10. From only giving the weeds in your garden the attention and ignoring the pretty flowers (that’s a metaphor bitches!)

What other ones would you add to the list? Leave a comment.